We're off to a good start for W.H.A.O season 2018!  We've seen our first ever batch of product come back from the CT blanket program, which means the girls are finally pulling their weight (beyond being the best dang thing this side of puppies). We were absolutely stunned by the quality of the gorgeous pieces, from a great, big queen blanket all the way down to our long, toasty scarves. Even better, all of it was almost instantly spoken for and only one blanket remains on the Homestead. Between a successful first veggie season at market and our beautiful wedding last summer, this really does feel like an immense victory. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support!

The girls, however, are quite grumpy with Nick today as he invited Dr. Satterfield of Norwichtown Veterinary Hospital to pay a visit and update the girls on their rabies and CD&T vaccines. They took it in high spirits, and didn't put up as much of a fuss as we'd feared they might. Though fully fleeced (and thus well armored), the good doctor made the task look like a breeze. 

Now, Nick is grinding his fingers to the bone planning this years' crop cycles and figuring out the numbers side of the farmstead (BLECH!) while resident duck herder Chewie supervises....from in front of the fire, of course. 


Hope you're all getting excited for growing season! Stay warm, dust off those garden hats, and remember: Always keep growing.


We'll see you out there.