Here at Woodward Homestead and Orchards, we take sincere pride in all that we do. From the tiniest, newly budded raspberry to a delicious bushel of apples; from chasing around happy sheep to wrangling ducks that have wandered down the Green, we love every minute of this crazy little patch of soil. 


If it comes from our garden or our pasture, you can be confident in knowing that it has been tended with all the care and cleverness we can muster. On the Homestead, we believe that happy plants make healthy animals and happy animals make a healthy farm. This, in turn, makes for healthy, happy people both resident and visitor. 









We believe in a growth system based not on highest yield or greatest profit (although its sometimes nice to think about), but on what will come at the end of the season. We focus on doing what we can to create produce and products that not only taste and look good, but that will sincerely contribute to the health and longevity of its consumer.